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    Public Conventional Center

Conventional Center




Site Area
31100 sq. ft.

Area of phase I

Cost of Construction

Design Consultancy.

Design Team
Kalhan Mattoo,
Santha Gour Mattoo,
Amey Kandalgaonkar,
Amey Gurkar,
Rashmi Pachgade,
Prashanta Kr. Ghosh

Along with interior refurbishment of an existing convocation hall in Kashmir University Campus at Srinagar,, the additional construction would create a fresh face for the building. A glass fašade screened with wooden slates form local timber to bring in lot of natural light, , a roof that evokes the undulations of rolling hills and mountains helps it to blend in better with surroundings, while still creating a certain distinct architectural character; we proposed such design features to make the new building forward looking, contemporary in character, but yet retain connection with its context.


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