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    Banks Axis Bank - Branch at Ulhasnagar        Factfile

Axis Bank - Branch at Ulhasnagar

Ulhasnagar 3, Thane.

Nov'07 to Dec'07.

3,000 sqft.

Cost of Construction
Rs. 1,200/sqft.


Design Team
Santha Gour Mattoo
Kalhan Mattoo
Chetan Khandelgaokar
Prashanta Kr. Ghosh
Nishita Koul.

Evolving as satellite town on Mumbai outskirts and like all such towns, Ulhasnagarís residents aspire for the glitz, glamour of big city living without giving up the immediacy of local community, connections and convenience. Fast lines on the ceiling and the walls lead the eye to to explore the interior that opens up as a surprise. The distinction between walls and the ceiling is blurred with planes that run continuously across both, turning, folding and descending at will. Individual bands direct us to the priority banking cabin, managerís cabin, the teller counter and such. The choice of materials and colours is restricted to a palette that best complements the branding.
Axis- Ulhasnagar


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